Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Ways to Play

Joash has started to play with toys that aren't comprised entirely of my DNA. He has a crinkly basketball, a turtle named Sosipater, and a well formed fist that all hold his attention now (I guess that last one is half my DNA). And his mobile. He really can't get enough of his mobile. He's starting to like being tossed around, too. Dan was bouncing him between soft surfaces today (baby parkour), and the kid almost exploded from silent laughter. We keep saying that we're teaching him to suck his thumb, but, really, we're just guiding an activity that he initiates. The guiding is literal, as his aim often points his thumb into a cheek or an eye.

(I am typing this with one hand, two words at a time, while Joash engages in his nightly refusal to stay latched, which makes him fuss and gas and then fuss about the gas. He more than makes up for it with shouts of "oh!" and "erg..." intermittent with the grunts and groans about his dinner service.)

On with a video about thumb sucking:

Crinkly basketball. It has paper or a plastic bag material inside. You know those toys? They're probably my favorite.

Intense concentration on his thumb. I swear, one night he was up from 3-6 practicing his thumb sucking.

Squaring off with Sosipater.

Joash would stand a better chance if he didn't collapse every quarter minute or so. He's lucky that's a friendly turtle.

This is hat hair on freshly washed hair. We walked Dan to the subway, and this is how Joah looked when we got home. I always get left with a crying or crazy looking baby. Or a pooping one. Like, right now.

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