Friday, October 7, 2011

On the Occasion of Two Months

Holy cow, you guys, parenthood is hard. So much crying happened today, most of it mine. Like, crying to the point that I really hope our neighbors weren't home at lunchtime to hear my uncontrollable, noisy sobbing. Let's not get into that, though. Babies are hard to have but hard to hate, am I right?

Joash is two months old today. He hates napping and loves eating. Some of his favorite foods are horchata and bananas. Korean food is not on that list, but it is growing on him. He started wearing clothes (as necessitated by the change in weather) and looks best in white. So far, his favorite author is Dickens, though he really enjoyed the Japanese Dan read to him last night. He likes staring at his mobile and being super sweet.

Closeups back when he was just a baby. A week ago.

Having some sort of gripping dream. He can't even fit into these soakers anymore.

Taken today. Wearing the billed cap I made him.

As worn previously.

Falling slowly.

Grumpy flailing. You try growing up so fast!