Wednesday, March 20, 2013

5 Videos!

I have 5 videos. I haven't had a video haul like this since the old days.

Water is Wet from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
An old past time he's more or less given up.

Musicking from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
Dancing and playing his instrument. He could be in one of those marching bands.

Silent Night Again (and Again) from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
He wore the battery out on this book playing it over and over and over again.

Counting Calisthenics from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
Learning how to count (sort of) and getting a good work out.

Choreography from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
He has a toy bus that plays 10 songs. One of them is a pirated version of "Do Re Mi" from Sound of Music. I used to sing him this song in funny voices when he would get grumpy during diaper changes. Now he dances like a maniac to it.

Cracker from serenity johnson on Vimeo.
And here he is saying "cracker."

Monday, March 18, 2013

I am a netbook user, and, somehow, a netbook cord abuser. Without fail, my computer outlasts its power cord, and then you're confronted with the dilemma of replacing an 80 dollar cord or replacing a 200 dollar computer. We replaced the cord, but it came slowly from America, and then Dan forgot to check our mail for a long time, but now I have a powered netbook again and pictures from as long ago as the last blog. I also have videos lurking on devices, but I'll get to them on another day. Probably this week, though, because Dan is in Japan, and that's the only time I can get any work done around here. We still suffer the sickness curse while he's away. This time Joash got a somewhat horrifying infected diaper rash, but I treated it like a proper hippie, and he's very much on the mend.

The weather has been amazing, and we've been going out to play every afternoon. Joash expects these trips now and brings me articles of clothing throughout the day, punctuating their delivery with petitions to "go go?" Along with bringing things to me, he's become quite adept at taking things to their proper resting places. He loves to clear the table after dinner, and he has even started to sort our trash into one of our three recycling bins. We've started the descent into toilet training, and, while I can't get him to pee or poop in any potty, there are marks of progress. Today he peed on the floor when I was in the other room, and then brought me a cloth to clean it up with. He repeats most of what we say these days, and I can't help but laugh every time he asks for crackers, making a sound more like a duck's quack than a word. It makes him sad when I laugh, because, no, seriously, he wanted a cracker.