Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I am on night one of Dan's two weeks away. He is elsewhere in Korea until Friday night, and he leaves on Saturday morning for Mongolia. I won't blame him for my horrible headache/borderline migraine, but I do think it might be his fault. I always seem to get sick while he's away, sometimes moderately, others apocalyptically. I got the baby down, though, and I have my cold compress (old tube sock stuffed with ice cubes) tied tight around my head. I feel pretty good actually. We took Joash back to the giant Christmas tree at the Millennium Hilton. Our friends Greg and Karmen met up with us for Christmas and dinner afterward. It was such a different experience with a toddler. He didn't seem to notice the tree much, but he completely loved the trains. I picked him up to try to show him another part of the train set, and he yelled in my face, thinking I was taking him away for good. Then he ambled back over to his original vantage point, and we camped out for a bit. There are two types of trains, bullet trains and traditional trains. The bullet trains come about twice as often. Every train he greeted with the same exclamation. My only regret is that we went in the evening so we didn't have enough time for him to lose interest. Next year we'll have to make a day of it. Dan and I can bring books or projects and get work done while a train babysits our baby.