Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sleepy and Grumpy

What is America's immunization schedule like? Because it seems like we are just constantly re-drugging this poor kid here in Korea. By the time he gets over one, it's on to the next. So Joash has been interminably sleepy and grumpy today. He has feigned satiety four times (now five) and whimpered when I tried to switch sides for a refill. He knows what he wants and he wants it. All the time.

Even still, he managed jovial awakedness long enough to show off his new knitted tie.

Seed stitch with your standard Four in Hand knot. I need to block the ends, but it's pretty cute.

Spaced out.

And here he is yesterday with his face starting to fill out.

We'd begun to think Joah was an alien (or a vampire). This picture of his v-shaped stork bite proves it. Our baby is a V.

Big eyes up close.

And of course the boys always get the long lashes.

Why not end with a video? Apparently exhaled carbon dioxide stimulates baby breath. Who knew? It makes for a fun time anyway.


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