Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We Had Visitors Once

And now we're all alone again. Joash and me. Dan is in Thailand. I am jealous of the food, but not the weather. He said it's 95. I'm struggling to go out in all 73 degrees of heat on a fine spring day. What will I do when summer is here? So Dan is gone this week, back Sunday, and gone the next week to Japan. I am becoming more and more thankful for this time alone with my firstborn before that time is gone forever. I'm feeling sad about losing that between the two of us. I know, though, that all pre-baby fears are immediately allayed once the baby arrives, if only so they can be replaced by new baby fears. Hopefully some of those will be curtailed this time by that friend called experience.

Our visitors who've now gone were our friend Crystal from FCC and our friends Kenny and Korie from Cincinnati. They tag-teamed and kept us company for the better part of April, during which I had the most celebratory birthday since moving to Korea. Birthdays feel more like birthdays when people you know are around. I'm 30 now, and everybody keeps telling me how I'm "finally" 30, just because I said I was almost 30 when I turned 24 (24 is almost 25, which is round uppable to 30. Who does that not make sense to? Meanwhile, I do my 9 times tables on my fingers.). At some point between 24 and now, I decided to stop wasting my youth feeling old. Take that, you guys!

Well, we did some activities with Crystal, Kenny, and Korie. I have pictures of so few of them, but I have pictures in my heart of so many more of them. Those kinds of pictures are called memories.