Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Is 11 weeks too young to do a retrospective? (Also, how do you other parents keep track of your kid's week age? I have to count a calendar every time.) I just realized that I haven't been posting pictures from Dan's iPod here, which means my parents haven't seen most of them. So here is a low-resolution look back at the life of Joah.

First picture taken of our boy.

After a good shampoo.

Wearing a hat that fits him now, for however briefly.


Carried by dad.

Wearing his knitted green socks that don't fit anymore.

Home after his first day out.

First visit from Auntie Jieun. Nice coordination of pink and green.

I already want my tiny baby back. I'm one of those moms.

Getting him started right.

In the waiting room after his tuberculosis vaccine. He's actually crying.

Night watcher.

A visit from Auntie Maya.

First day at church with Jieun, Sally, and Johnny.

Abominable dinner out.

Back to the doctor for more shots. This time with spit-up on the chin.

Back to the doctor again for more shots. Just hanging out on his dad's lap.

Monster butt.

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