Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekend 47 of 52.

Soul Underground Session: Acoustic Night, Dunkin Donuts, Snow

I left the house this weekend. In fact, from Thursday through Sunday, I left the house every day. And it was cold, but I survived. The weather still isn't great for doing Weekend Things, but our hankering to do them lingers on. They may have to wait until our second round of 52 weeks commences (sorry, Tiffany).

This weekend, though, we played a show at Soul Underground, we had Doughnut Saturday at Dunkin Donuts (usually Dan just goes and picks them up), and I took pictures of the endlessly replenishing snow.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend 46 of 52.

I'm not even going to fake it, friends. It is too cold to go outside.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weekend 45 of 52.

High Street Market

I have been lazy about this post, because I took nary a single picture last weekend. I honestly meant to bring my camera to Itaewon when we went to check out the High Street Market, but by the time I realized I'd left it on the bed, I already had my boots on, and I didn't feel like taking them off to walk back into our room. Boots are labor intensive! But we went to High Street Market to check out some Western foods and deli meats, and we sampled jerkies and breads and we bought a huge jar of pickles, some turkey, ham, and ground beef, and Dan had a cookie. The prices were the lowest we've seen, even when it was just by a couple hundred won.

Another thing about last weekend was that it was Dan's last before going back to work, and all you want to do on your last free weekend is nothing, so that's what we did.

Oh, and now I will post something so old, by now, and so topical that it is pretty much irrelevant, but this is us singing "O Holy Night" at our Christmas show so many weeks ago.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekends 43 and 44 of 52.

Lotte World, Lotte World Folk Museum

Bonnie is here! We've tried to brave the ridiculous cold and go show her things. So far we've had most of the good foods: Korean Pizza with sweet potato ring around the crust, Dalk Galbi, Bibimbap, Jjim Dalk, Korean fried chicken, Donkatsu, Paris Baguette, Pho, and right now she is off having an authentic Korean dining experience at the home of one of her Korean friends.

On Sunday we took her to Lotte World, the world's largest indoor amusement park. It was still decked out for Christmas, complete with constant Christmas caroling, live and canned. We couldn't believe how much they were able to pack into an indoor stadium type space: some quality coasters, a parade, fireworks, so many snack booths, food courts, even video game arcades and traditional arcades. Our favorite ride was the boating adventure through jungle rapids. We sort of bookended our day with it, staying completely dry the first time despite warnings that we'd get wet and then with Dan and me getting soaked right before heading back home in the 10 degrees. That part was not awesome.

By now, our 2010 is over, and we rounded it out in concert at a local coffee shop, playing the show pretty much especially for Bonnie. Our first activity of 2011 was eating Korean Bugles and finishing up an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. So much scandal! Right now I am ringing in America's New Year by watching some sort of unidentifiable livestream of Times Square. I have never heard of any of the people they have performing, but I appreciate the festive background noise, so Happy New Year!