Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend 84 of 52+

Seonyudo Park

Ah, yeah. We had a weekend again. Can you believe it? Pregnancy and newborns put such a boundary on weekend making. Heck, there've been solid weeks I haven't left the house. But Joash is officially an infant now, at 12 weeks (don't even ask how that makes me feel), and we revisited Seonyudo Park as a family. We talked about just recreating all of our old weekends with the baby. That probably won't happen entirely, but here we've begun the effort.

The fun thing about having a baby is the desperation to capitalize on the moments between feeds. Luckily Joah skipped his morning nap on Sunday, so we were out of the house by 11. We went to Pizza School and GS 25 (convenience store) to forage for picnic foods. Then we hiked over the river, laden with pizza box, snack pack, diaper bag, and babe. We dodged many a bicyclist, some rude, others polite, some in biking costumes, others in civvies. Dang if distances don't seem longer with so much gear.

We settled in at the park in a seemingly abandoned spot and set up our space. The very second Joash wanted to eat, of course it's suddenly the most popular place in the park. And the poor kid screaming his blanket-covered face off. But we survived, didn't we? We also survived Dan dumping two liquids (Mt. Dew and water) on the mat, the latter of which soaked my bottom. It is ironic that it happened as I was attending to Joah's own soaked little bottom. Dan kept remarking, "And you're still not doing the weirdest thing in the park today." We saw some cos-players. We saw a photo club taking selcas with their hands covering their faces. We saw a girl wearing a long teal wig while dressed in a kimono and geta sandals.

It was a fantastic weekend, and we started our collection of pictures of Joash in front of Seoul-specific landscapes. I like to think he'll thank us for it later.

The tamest wild bunnies hiding in the shade. Baby's first animal encounter.

Dad and his son.

Joash might as well be a vampire. He's pale as his mother and could barely keep his eyes open in the shade.

Pizza Dan. There's pasta on this pizza. (Upon viewing this photo album on Facebook, Dan commented, "Oh, so it's just an album full of terrible pictures of me." I did not mean it to be so.)

Our picnic view.

Mom and her boy.

Typical of fall.

Having fun. Rude baby sticking out his tongue.

Mom hair digging in the mom bag. I really need to start brushing my hair.

The boys and the bridge.

Poor Joash was not pleased by all the sunlight.

Men and mountains.

First time smelling flowers.

We really do love this park. Seoul does such a good job installing green space in the city.

Hooray! Best of the day. Dan and our footless child.

There was a kite flyer among us, and he was so nonchalant about it. Dan was non-nonchalant in his corresponding jealousy.

Fall is such a reward.

In the fountain.

Waterfall outside the greenhouse.

No headless riding allowed. Appropriate warning, given the weekend's holiday.

I'm not trying to embarrass anybody. It's just funny because of the sun and because of the scene.

Low Res Capture Corner:

I only wear animals in my wrap.

We dressed Joash like a duck for Halloween. We figured the sweater sort of looks like a mallard, so a mallard/white duck hybrid if we have to define it to get our treats. This was the extent of our Halloween activities.

Though we did take our little duck to Soul Underground to see our friend the proprietor, Shin.


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