Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Only Trouble Is, Gee Whiz...

We took Joash out for his most ambitious day trip so far. It required of him a degree of dietary flexibility as he had to dine and sup in a food court Johnny Rocket's, a family bathroom, and a Starbucks. He excelled. Honestly, sometimes I think he performs better in public. Maybe we should try sleeping for the night in a park or a convenience store. Maybe then he'd wake up less often than EVERY freaking hour. But I digress.

Maybe we seem lame for thinking this, but eating at Johnny Rocket's was an incredibly soothing and nostalgic experience for us. Easy American food (including "American fries" which I thought were French) and Oldies on the radio. It was like being in the car with anyone's dad.

All this adventuring we did so we could spend some gift certificates at the Shinsegae Department Store. We bought detergent. Boring. But also cookies. Not boring. We tried to buy me milkless tarts and desserts at the resident Sticky Fingers Bakery, but, alas, it was no more. Replaced by a rice cake shop. I guess this means I'll probably have to bake my own birthday cake.

Shinsegae is a bit of a fancy place, so Joash wanted to wear his tie.

He learned to grab over the weekend, and I took too many pictures of him proving it.

But, whatever, look how cute.

The dancing version.

Hey kid, what's that you got on your bum? Monster mouth! These are Joah's only normal looking pants. We tried to revisit Namdaemun Market to buy him more, but all the children's clothes stalls were closed. Naked he will proceed.

As always, tummy time tears. I try to tell him that he can just put his head down and relax, but he mistrusts me. Breaking my heart since 2k11.

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