Thursday, October 13, 2011

Because the Afternoon Light was Perfect

I'm not trying to post nonstop pictures of my baby, but the sun came in through the windows and lit him up so wonderfully that it prompted a brief photo shoot.

In case anyone is keeping track, Joash took three whole naps today. And then he started faking me out around 4 and has been faking ever since. I will not be a chooser, though, and I will take what he gives me, which today meant making potato salad for Dan's students who've never heard of it and cooking down some condensed milk for tomorrow's ice cream attempt.

He typically takes his belly time on another belly, but we tried the bed today because, on account of his being an insufferably fidgety eater, he needed a break from me.

What began innocuously quickly dissolved into closed fist gesturing. On a separate belly occasion today, powered by some crying adrenaline, he lifted himself up on his hands, not just on his elbows. And then he came crashing down into my face. It was an amazing feat of strength while it lasted.

I flipped him over, and this is how he looked at me. This face is going to waive so much discipline.

I know I'm oversharing, but motherhood has ruined my internal editor. I couldn't decide which of these pictures wasn't worth sharing. Another change wrought by motherhood: morning showers, much to Dan's delight. It lets the bathroom dry out when we shower at the same time of day.

He's starting to get some decent rolls. People seem to admire that in babies.

What a round head!

That's a pretty good face.

He knows when to turn it on.

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