Friday, October 21, 2011

On Sleep and Sweaters

He's not much of a morning napper, but he's kicking at his mobile for now anyhow. And, who could complain after the 6 hour miracle that happened between the hours of 10 and 4 last night? And then when he finished eating, he slept again until after 8. Strange wonder, this sleep.

I decided to dress him in the 1940s vest I knit him. It was a good decision. It was paired with some oddly cut Korean pants that were a gift to us. It's good because otherwise he has no pants.

Days ago he stretched out of a brief nap and held the pose.

I can think of no more tender way to start a day.

And I couldn't decide which pose I liked better.

Here he is with some modern heirloom clothing on.

Here he is flipping me the bird. Such a larrikin. And he obviously knows what he's doing, given the faces he's making.

Sitting slumps into slouching quite quickly.

Green in the grey.

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