Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pizza Hut at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Dan's birthday is Sunday, so we have been celebrating his life this week. Last night we went to Pizza Hut and to see Alice in Wonderland, both the hut and the theater are essentially contained in the World Cup Stadium.

We and our friends Korrine and Heather attended this pre-celebration. It worked out that each side of the table ordered the same beverage, Dan and I ordered Mountain Dew, Korrine and Heather ordered Pepsi Light. They brought out one cup, two straws for each side. A bonus, though, is that they only charged us for two total drinks.

We got two medium pizzas to share. This is Double Barbecue (Bulgogi and Chicken) Cheesy Bites Fondue and we ordered a regular pan pizza. The crust was stuffed with cheese and sweet potato. I think they often equate American food with sweeter food and dessert (how did they know?). There are two sizes here, medium and family size. This pizza was about 27,000 won. That's almost thirty dollars. We are not always so indulgent.

Also in this World Cup center, which is basically like a mall, is a store called Cottiny. It is their twoth birthday soon.

Standard snack bar. It turns out cheaper to see movies here than in the States and even the advertised snacks are priced for couples, about 7,000 won for popcorn and two drinks.

Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Again. Huge escalator, tons of stairs. We were walking back to the subway.

The subway at this station is canvassed with soccer stars.

Sunday is White Day, which I think I mentioned is like Valentine's Day. This is a Dunkin Donuts poster (in the subway). Love Propose, classic White Day themes.

I made some yeast rolls in the toaster oven. They came out really good and really cute.

My old toaster oven cookies.

This is an incredible little ice cream dessert. From what I can gather, from outside in: ice cream cone, chocolate layer, green tea layer, red bean paste ice cream. Sounds strange maybe, but it was such a cohesive and pleasant flavor.

Today we are going the Seodaemun Prison, and tomorrow we are going to a Korean barbecue for Dan's birthday.


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