Friday, March 26, 2010

Cuppa Thursday.

We with our Australian friend Korrine invented Cuppa Thursday. Seoul, it seems, is the coffee capital of the universe, and, as part of our plan to conquer this capital, we sanctified Thursday night as the night for a cuppa (a cup of coffee). Last night we tried to find the Caribou Coffee in Sinchon. We failed, and we settled for a well-meaning but ill-coffeed cafe in the Hyundai Department Store called Cafe Vezzly.

Also, far as I can figure, these are our names in Hangul, spelled phonetically, not just transliterated: 단열 와 새래너티 (Dahnyuhl wa Sehrehnuhtee: Daniel and Serenity).

I was just today lamenting the lack of sunsets and rises, and then last night we got one on our way to Sinchon.

We even saw the moon and two stars!

Seen around Sinchon: Let's Beer and Nigh Club.

Cafe Vezzly.

Cafe Vezzly had these little Martinelli's apple juices in the fat round jars. I first saw these at Findlay Market in Cincinnati, so I thought it was some rare thing, but they are planetwide apparently.

Not great. Dan's was the best but only because it was half whipped cream.

Disney Angel.

I took this hastily. We were in a section with a bunch of gimmicky music bars. There was a Beatles Bar, a Doors Bar, this place, and several other genres.


Dan was the first of us to try street food, though we might make that a regular feature in our lives. Sinchon was lined with street food booths. We thought this was called 디진다 like it says at the bottom, but essentially that translates to: this is it.


Whatever it was was a spicy, cheezy (like cheez whiz), mayonnaised, with nuts and seeds kebab.

Cutters for trimming the stick.

And after that we were back in the Hyundai Department Store. It led to the subway. It was filled with brand stores. This was at the MLB store.

On the subway. Emergency Febreze! When odor neutralization proves urgent (or when odors attack!). It made me laugh.

And last night I started my sock collection. The selection was paralyzing, but I settled on this bear in a bathing suit and a somewhat unidentifiable animal wearing a pocket. Cute!


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