Friday, March 5, 2010

Our First Solo Dining Attempt.

Last night marked our first attempt at dining out without the aid of a Korean friend. It was definitely worth it. I say that as the one who stood by nodding while Dan said words. I do think he'd agree, though.

Up and down the street.

On the way to our dinner destination, we passed cafe EAT; grEAT trEAT on the way, and, as Dan is in the habit of opining, yes English should work that way, but it unfortunately doesn't, my ESL friends. We should go to this cafe, and I assume we will work our way around the neighborhood.

We ended up getting dinner at KMC - Korean Mania Chicken. It is one of an assortment of chicken and beer restaurants around town.

It was very red in there. I was trying to get in this picture the rose decal behind Dan's head. I couldn't get it in.

Okay, so we walked in, and Dan very bravely asked the girl at the front if she spoke English. Her response, and here is where I think I have Korean down in my soul, was to giggle (as I do at most things) and say, while gesturing, "Only a little!" We seated ourselves and looked for a picture we could point at. Dan just pointed to a picture on the wall, and we hoped it wasn't the most expensive thing on the menu. It wasn't. Hurray. It ended up being a platter with two types of fried chicken: one dry, one with red pepper sauce, and what we assume are meant to mimic french fries, a sort of boiled dough doused in red pepper sauce. I think I would quite like it without the red pepper sauce. I am a wimp.

I will mention here that while I was sat alone in the apartment during the day, a woman knocked on the door, and I answered because I was supposed to be waiting for someone to come set up our washing machine. She was dressed in a uniform, so I assumed she was that someone. So she started chatting to me in Korean, and I said I didn't understand and sort of motioned for her to come inside, mentioning the washing machine. She tried a couple more times to explain her business, and I tried a couple more times to have her come in, then she gave a giggle and left. I thought for sure I had turned away our chance at clean clothes, but it turns out she just had the wrong apartment.

We shared a bottle of Coca-Cola.

More motorbikes for Seth.

Here's something. Cars park on the sidewalks. Really they park anywhere. Korean drivers have a keen awareness of their vehicles and are able to maneuver them into the most impossible parking spots, often backwards.

Byoung A Ri Kong. This is the coffee shop Dan dared me to go to, the one with the little crocheted eggs out front.

Little quilted coasters, and they brought me my sugar in a teeny little pitcher. This was my favorite coffee yet in Seoul.

This is a gif of a store front. It was Dan's idea. Good idea, Dan.

This morning we disposed of some trash for the first time. You have to sort your trash into food waste, recyclables, and general waste. This is our food waste. We still have the other kinds in our house.

I really think that Spring in this city is going to be amazing.

What kind of knot do you think this is?

We went to Paris Baguette this morning for coffee and breakfast. They are one of the few coffee shops open early. It's a chain. They are decorated with balloons and ribbons for White Day, which just so happens to be Dan's birthday this year. White Day is like Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day is like Sadie Hawkins Day.

I had a chewy sesame roll. While it was very tasty, this is not that. This is Dan's meat and cheese filled English muffin.

And here, my second best Seoul iced Americano so far.

This weekend we aim to knock off at least one of our 52 things, Seoul Tower. And our weekend comes before your weekend, so there.


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