Thursday, March 4, 2010

Morning Walk.

I remembered my camera on this morning's walk.

Oh, and I just wanted to confess that that day I mentioned listening to Jackson Browne and falling asleep, that's exactly what I ended up doing. I can't tell if it was self-fulfilling or if I just know myself so well.

So let's get on with this, because I have pronunciations to practice.

This is our building and our street sign. Maybe now I will be able to tell my parents our address? Probably not.

Much fancier manhole cover than I've ever seen.

I think that's some sort of cleaning fairy?

There are a lot of motorbikers here. Dan wanted me to take pictures to show our Cincinnati friend Seth.

Lego pole.

Closer to the smoke stack, which my mom told me is definitely not a power plant. That's good, because I think maybe I don't believe in nuclear power.

Car washing hippo. I think it's a hippo.

Birds on a gate. Also, grass. I will get my greenery fix here when green times come.

Dan and the street.

I liked this graphite-like building.

Outside the "Coffee and Homemade Cake" Coffee shop just around the corner. Dan dared me to go here this afternoon, but I do not want to be the first of us who attempts food ordering alone and without the aid of a Korean friend. I think we will go together tonight.

Front of the car ferris wheel. We saw it in action today. It is much quieter and inconspicuous than you'd think.

A lesson Dan learned the almost hard way. He left his keys in the door last night. Our neighbor noticed and took them inside so we didn't get robbed or murdered (although I read that random crime and crime against foreigners is rare in Seoul).


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