Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Out the Window.

Today was warm enough to have the windows open for a while, so I did have them open, and I took some pictures.

This is outside our bedroom window.

The pigeon on the right is one of the several pigeons that purr us to sleep at night. So far we don't mind it.

This is out the window in the extra room. On the right is a parking structure that Dan keeps calling a car ferris wheel. It's pretty intense, but we haven't seen or heard it doing anything yet.

We think this is some sort of power plant maybe?

Tomorrow I'm going to remember to bring my camera on my walk with Dan to the school. We might try to get coffee at a coffee shop across the street. It will be our first dining experience without the aid of a Korean. I expect we'll be pointing and nodding. I did learn vowels, consonants, and pronunciations today, though! I found what seem to be some really good Korean language programs online. We'll see. I spent the afternoon trying to read (but not understand) our cereal boxes.


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