Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Day in Photos.

Dan mentioned Happy Day with his video. He also snagged my camera to take some still pictures of the event. Pretty happy.

There was a Happy Birthday Celebration. Photos by Dan.

And here are some of Dan's students. Clockwise from top left: Chris, Lucy who won 2 boxes of marshmallow pies by demonstrating strong arm wrestling prowess, Sonya, Kevin (VOV). Photos by Dan.

These girls played an ocarina (on the left) and recorder concert. We often hear our neighbor boy practicing recorder. Left to right: Cindy, Hannah, one of the many Sarahs, Judy. Photos by Dan.

Foot traffic is meant to flow to the right, but it never does, and it's never something you can anticipate. I think I read somewhere that passing on the right (driving is on the right here) was their sort of national slam against Japan after the dissolution of the Japanese occupation, but it's never really taken hold in the pedestrian population. Photos by Dan.

The front door. Photos by Dan.

Bella and Tara. Tara is flashing the 21 sign. 21 is a K-Pop boy band. They actually record in a building that is on our way to church, so there are always school girls there waiting to catch a fleeting glimpse. Photos by Dan.

Transportation: bikes and buses. MeySen is the original school in Japan to which Dah-un Jin is a sister. Photos by Dan.

Some of the boys had a soccer game at a field down by the river about 15-20 minutes from the school. Chris (left) was the goalie. Eric, still in his school uniform, is running toward the picture. Photos by Dan.

Billy on the left. Photos by Dan.

Photo by Dan.

More footie. Photo by Dan.

Oftentimes, you see Koreans wearing face masks. They are worn to protect the population at large from illness. They come prescribed with medication. Photos by Dan.

Waterfront. Contrast bumped up on the sky. Photos by Dan.

The dad in that silhouette is wearing a suit coat. Classy and classic. Photo by Dan.

Our slogan - Hi Seoul: The Soul of Asia. Photos by Dan.

A life tube thing, exercise equipment, a stolen bike, and a tractor. Photos by Dan.

A church. Photos by Dan.

Firewood. Photos by Dan.

Vistas. Photos by Dan.

So, this wasn't part of Happy Day but it was for Dan's happy day. His students made him a sign, got him a hat, and sang him happy birthday a couple weeks ago.

And here is one of the chair cushions we bought last weekend in Dongdaemun.


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