Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Lounging

There's a kid on my lap. He may or may not be crazy. He keeps trying to wiggle his way down onto my clothed boob until he gets distracted and flings his arms toward things like my cup, the Xbox remote, a blanket, a spray bottle, the internet cord. When you're prepared for the wiggling, it's cute.

Here's some of that wiggling. Look out for the surprise ending.

And here he is keeping up with his social media. The tweet he highlights is about North Korean workers in Kaesong, pretty high brow for someone whose favorite toy vacillates between discarded wrapping paper and a jar full of ranch.

I was reading Mom Secrets yesterday (it was a hard day), and now I don't feel bad about scandalizing my infant by posting his diaper-time antics on the internet. He was supposed to be getting some air; he decided instead to plan an ill-fated getaway.

A triptych for his Grandma Jean on her birthday.

Dedicated to learning.

Flipped on the couch.

Starting to see a theme. He types and tunes with his mouth.

We had such a lovely snow earlier this week. Dan messaged me online to tell me to look outside, and we caught it falling.

Hips in the courtyard. I can't even begin to decipher what this means. Rose hips, maybe? Isn't that a thing?

Winter umbrellas.

He has these little mullet tails, left over from his newborn hairstyle, and I don't want to forget them when they're gone. Dan thinks I'm ridiculous.

Funky baby face.


His favorite part of this keyboard is still the stuff hanging from it.

Always reaching, always looking.

Dan has a new camera app on his phone. He likes to make double exposures. Father and son.

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