Sunday, February 26, 2012

100+ Weekends in Seoul

We're flying to and arriving in America tomorrow night through the magic of the time-space continuum. I have been packing for days, getting overwhelmed, and Dan comes in and fixes everything, and now we're pretty much ready to go. The last load of laundry is drying in the kitchen. The baby's sleeping on the floor. All we have to do is throw loose ends in suitcases and hope Joah doesn't mind an airbound bedtime. He actually has one last doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. Is it a bad idea to fly under the influence of immunization? Gosh, I feel like maybe it is? He's never had any reactions so far, though. If anything, maybe it will make him sleepy, and I'll get to watch some select episodes of random TV shows on my airplane screen before I fall asleep myself. We reserved an infant bassinet, an option we didn't even know existed before our playdate friend Sophia told me about it. Such luck that she mentioned it. Our baby has never been so contained. I hope he likes it.

I am putting up the last of our un-posted pictures before we leave. After this, it's all McDonald's and cowboy boots or whatever else people think Americans do. A Korean friend did once tell us that she can always spot the Americans by their flip-flops. Meanwhile, Dan was wearing flip-flops.

We are collecting these tender naps, knowing they don't last forever. Even now, they only come when he's spent much of the day refusing sleeps and wearing himself out.

He is always reaching and usually smiling. This kid. It's been such a good week. Dan and I keep asking each other how we got such a cool little human to hang out with.

I accidentally babydolled him, and then I decided to keep it that way. He gets called a doll a lot in Korea, so much so that we learned the phrase almost immediately.

He's been sticking his tongue out all the time, and I wanted a picture because there is a picture of me as a baby sticking out my tongue. Only now I realize how fortuitous it was that my parents captured the moment.

He's doing it wrong.

He was spending a lot of somewhat unsupervised time while we bustled about packing up the house. Somehow, during his sneak attack on Dan's computer, he found some black string to stick to his face. And then he started pulling off keys, so we supervised him more carefully.

Okay, next year in Jerusalem, you guys! And what I mean is, next time I'll be reporting from the promised land. And what I mean is, we'll be in Florida and/or Ohio.

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