Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Illness

I know I should be more devastated than I am, but I have been relishing Joah's first illness. It came on quickly and appears to be dissipating in similar fashion. I am taking advantage of the extra baby-in-arms time, feeling the full weight (now 17.8 pounds) of his curled up, relaxed body on my chest. Gosh, is it just the most wonderful thing. It is freeing to have no semblance of schedule. Freeing also, somehow, to be tied to the bed with a baby. Yesterday he was on my lap in such a way that I could still knit with him sleeping, and that really is all I want out of a day. Dan even got to hold the snuggler while we were at the doctor for a well-timed visit (and the day before when he suspiciously fell asleep at the hair salon; we should have known!), and that made me glad because Dan often expresses his jealousy of all my sleepy baby time.

It is now the day after I wrote the first paragraph. Sick, sleepy baby sure isn't sleepy at night. What a conundrum. At least today is coffee day. Also, could there be a stickier substance than Baby Tylenol? Trick question - the only answer is no. I am happy to see him happier during the day, though. That first smile from your lethargic kid or the first rattle he again shows interest in feels like such an accomplishment. I had already adjusted to the new nap-filled normal. At least today is playdate day (it always coincides with coffee day under the parent category of leave-the-house day), so I won't have to fully readjust until tomorrow.

Here is how he spends his fevered moments. He's a sweaty baby anyway, but that 100+ degrees of body heat and suddenly we're doing Bikram nursing.

And another picture to cling into the blackmail album. I told him that every time he misbehaves during a diaper change I'm taking a picture of it.

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