Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend 96 of 52+

Lotte World for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year provided Dan with what, I think, will be his last vacation from his current job. Then we'll be back in America for 6 weeks, and then we'll be back in Korea for a couple more years. I guess I haven't mentioned that here, but everyone already knows anyhow. We'll be south of the city for that, though, so we'll no longer be weekending in Seoul.

We spent the vacation Tuesday making our last visit to Lotte World with our free passes.

Our baby is being his insane, little self, which is normal (for him) and cute, but it is distracting for blog writing, so I am just going to caption the pictures.

We discovered that amusement parks are a good way to wear out the baby. It would make for a very costly lifestyle, though, if we employed that method for all his naps.

Waste please. And some dinosaur bones.

My child is very caring, healthwise.

Boys in the monorail queue. The monorail is one of the attractions at Lotte World, not a means of transportation.

Underground on the fourth floor.

Bad baby.

And then they went to jail. Dan was inordinately happy about it, Joah appropriately morose.

Joah rode a stuffed animal like his Auntie Korrine did many months ago.

First carousel.

He thought I was the best mom for putting a golden pole in front of his face.

He has become very reachy/grabby.

He was such a sleepy dude all day. All that seeing and watching and looking wore him out.

Performing my duty as Designated Kiddie Ride Along.

The sun sets on Lotte World.

Rather accidentally, I introduced Joash to Beyonce. Now he loves her so.

Extra animated proof.

Today we had a late lunch with our church girls. June cooked us rice and chicken, and she mulled some wine and set out oozy cheese. It was very continental.

Joah busied himself with the reaching and grabbing he's been perfecting.

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