Monday, February 20, 2012

Tactile Learning

Last week, Joash experienced play involving several different new textures. It is a constant science experiment down here in this billa.

We learned about cold and wet things from a jar full of iced coffee.

We learned about dry, papery things from a Ramen/moving box. Oh, also, this is our kid's laugh. He's not one of those cute gigglers or belly laughers, he just lets out shrieks of hysteria. I can't help but think this is a reflection of my personality. I really need to reign in my joyful shrieking.

Some hide and seek behind the pillows.

Some comfort chewing while he was sick. Now he'll know what they mean when they complain of high-fiber cereals tasting like cardboard.

We played with his little box for so many minutes this day.

Even popped it on his head like Charlie Brown (i.e. blockhead. Is that too far reaching?)

Dan has been teaching kindergarten for a month or so, and he has to go to the kindergarten events. There are always walls of balloons for these things, and he brought home a collection of balloons for the baby. How sweet is the idea of your husband bringing home balloons for your baby? I like it so much. Anyhow, at worst, Joash hated it.

And, at best, he found it horrifying.

Rounding out the week, last Friday we had our first post-baby show. We played two songs at a conference months ago, but this was our first full set of late night songs. He was great. He betrayed his proclivity toward sexism by preferring Korean women to American men. He ate in a bathroom. He slept until the coffee grinder went off. And then he came home and went to bed at midnight and had his best sleep of the week. I really think this kid thrives on social interaction. He is his father's son.


  1. i love the static!

    - kristen

  2. We could probably use it to cut his long, wonky newborn hairs, but I am cherishing them for now.

    I didn't know you had a blog, so now I will go read them all.