Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sink or Swim

Like people without a bathtub, we bathe our baby in the sink. Like people without a bathroom sink, we bathe our baby in the kitchen. Like people with no boundaries, we take a video of him kicking around and put it online for our parents to see.

Is it okay to put this here? I can't even tell. Well, for now it will be here, anyway, so watch it promptly, parents, in case I change my mind.

In other news, we lost our kid's passport, and, because we're about to take him out of the country, we had to replace it before serendipitously finding it around the house. So back to the Embassy we went with a picture that doesn't even look like him anymore. We tried to do a quick retake at one of those photobooth machines in the subway. The quality of displayed pictures is incredibly misleading, maybe criminally so, and we just ended up wasting 10 minutes and seven dollars. We even left before the pictures developed, so we could run to the Kodak print shop and burn 20 more minutes and six more dollars. That made us 30 minutes late for our appointment, but the nice thing about appointments in Korea is that everything is run by one of those deli number machines anyway, and they were all none-the-wiser. New passport in two weeks, and we will bind it to ourselves like a Phylactery.

Bonus: our crappy pictures were waiting for us in the machine when we got back home. Anybody want a terrible 2x2 snapshot of the right side of our kid's face?

Today we went to our first movie since Super 8. This time I wasn't comfortably pregnant but uncomfortably hot. We saw We Bought a Zoo, which was the second time this year we've watched a movie because Dan first loved the soundtrack. We forgot how loudly they blast the movies in Korea, but Joah still managed to sleep through some (at decibel) lion roars and monkey gags. And then he projectile spit-up all over my hand and leg and shirt and possibly my hair, though that could just have been wet from drool, or, let's be honest, tears, because anytime anyone even mentions a mother and a son, I openly weep. I liked the movie. It made me want to come home and knit (lots of good sweaters on zookeepers), but, instead I was confronted with a ramen-like mess of tangled yarn from an abandoned project. Such an occupational hazard.

Avid chewing still not producing teeth, but I swear I see teeth buds now. I swear it!

If only I could get the baby to nap like his dad. Alas, like his mother, he thinks naps are a waste of time.

Even with Joah carrying on, Dan slept. Though it looks like he's wailing here, he's really just spiritedly telling some sort of story.

Computer age.

Lashes for sale. Boys always get all the long eyelashes.

Chatter. I look forward to understanding these babbles, as I'm pretty sure he's usually telling hilarious jokes.

Knowing looks are my favorite kind of look.

This kid is a non-stop, non-chalant kicker. (How's that for forehead, Dad?) I think his stork bite has dissolved into some sort of superhero tell, yes, like Harry Potter. It appears very faded here, but after the movie today, it was very pronounced. I wonder what trouble was afoot.

As he becomes more receptive to having things touch his head, I become more likely to take advantage of it.

He played on, unaware of my shenanigans until the rattle finally fell into his lap. He's the boss is who.

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