Saturday, January 7, 2012

JejuDeo (language pun!)

Jessica was a great documenter of our trip to Jeju, especially of our son on our trip, so I wanted to post some of her pictures here, too.

But, before that, on the occasion of my son's fifth month, four pictures from his fourth.

Wearing a very Korean jumper.

By now, he is just itching to start crawling. He's started doing push-ups and knocking his head around.

He is also starting to really figure out his feet. He obviously has the strongest abs of anyone in this family.

And here's his little leg of gooseflesh. And then I got him some pants to wear.

Also, this is the size of the pizza Dan ate in 7 minutes. Seven minutes in heaven if heaven's activities include scalding your mouth with boiling cheese.

Waiting for our first plane ride.

Nuclear fam. I am wearing that hat the whole time because I didn't brush my hair.

Loving his first flight.

Hey, kid!

The flight attendant made us wear these. Joash is judging us.

Everyone but Heather, who came the next day.

Auntie Roo and the Boogie (how cute is this sentence?).

More Christmas. No, mom, I did not put the Minnie bow on his head. But I did approve of it.

Finding fish.

We did a glass maze at the Glass Museum. Jessica won, I was second, Dan third, Heather fourth, Korrine last/lost.

Korrine in the glass wilderness.

Trying to keep warm in the frigid Chocolate Museum.

My baby wearing jeans. Today he is wearing pants that both button and zip. I barely even do that anymore.

Windswept Dan taking pictures on the boat.

This is pre-fame.

And this is at the height of it. We aren't making this stuff up!

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