Saturday, January 14, 2012


I keep getting distracted by other hobbies during my baby-free time. I just got a box of yarn in the mail, and I have some time-sensitive knitting orders to fill. And some of it is for a baby girl, and I never get to knit dresses and bows, so I'm excited about it.

But I have taken some pictures of my non-napper during some of his non-naps. Yesterday morning, I chatted Dan, talking about Mr. Naps taking a 2-hour morning nap, and then he didn't sleep again, but for 20 minute segments, pretty much until 10 o'clock. Mr. No-Naps. Because when you have a baby, you start saying kitschy things.

He's well on his way to sitting independence. It may even have arrived. When we put him in a couch corner, he elbows his way off of it so he can sit on his own. He's also really great at moving in circles, like he's only rowing with one paddle.

Getting chubbier. We had to put away most of his 3-months stuff this week.

This is from last week. He was so sure-seated, but he knows how to get himself out of a pickle.

This is his destiny.

He gets it from his dad.

Reacting to some scandalous game play.

Yesterday we took a bunch of knee-top pictures. This is the lone one with a drooly chin.

Afternoon faces.

I wanted to get a good picture of him chewing on his fingers.

But, now, every time I pick up the camera he grabs for it.

He's less grumpy about things being on his head, so we played a game with spit-up rags. Speaking of spit-up, two days ago was, hopefully, his spitting apex. It was a near-constant activity, necessitating several wardrobe changes for everyone. And then yesterday was a day completely void of regurgitation.

Standing in his Peter Pan collar, given to him by Jessica. This morning he was still wearing it, and he had his arms out like he was flying, and it was all incredibly appropriate.

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