Sunday, December 22, 2013

We are back in Ohio and done with the house hunting. I think we may have shot us a good one. How does this metaphor work? Caught? But you usually hunt to kill. House fishing? Anyhow, we found one we really like, we just have to wait on paperwork. If nothing else, though, we did get approved for our first-choice apartment.

Right now Dan has the sleeping girl, and the sleeping boy is on the bed, and I am totally free to devote my whole attention to this, and, of course, I can't. Divided minds can't settle, and I keep just scrolling through my open programs trying to figure out what I'm doing. I'll post a couple more pictures and then be done, I guess.

We had a fine, magical snow most of the time we were in Indiana. I think it snowed every day for us.

Ammi tucked her hand under the pillow just like Joash used to.

She likes to spread out. Sleeping in this king sized bed has convinced us that we need one. Usually I sleep in an ever-decreasing triangular length of bed as Ammi's head creeps toward me through the night. A king sized bed is big enough for me to sneak away.

One of Joah's favorite games right now is, "Let's hide!" Second only to, "Let's run!"

Here are Joah's compositions and photos. He's getting pretty good at pushing the button.

My babies are not big laughers, but they sure are ready with the sweetest smiles.

They called in the cavalry as the week wore on.

"Playing cars together," which looks conspicuously like Joash recovering his cars from baby clutches.

Some midnight hangouts with her daddy.

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