Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas is over, and it was Joah's first time knowing what presents are. He's known about toys for a year or so, but presents are a different thing. Presents are just for you and in such fancy wrappings. Once he got in the habit of opening them, of course he didn't want to stop. Turns out greed is pretty automatic. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Time with Dan's family is always fun and very sweet, though.

There was cousin time with Abraham on Monday for his fourth birthday, a little Grandpa Wayne time on Christmas Eve, Christmas Mass yesterday morning, which Joash seemed even to enjoy (he asked for, "one more time!" at the end of one of the carols), and last night he ran around with all the rest of the cousins, showing them his new toys, following them from room to room, repeating syllables that made Maggie think he was, "saying words we're not allowed to say" (she thought he was saying wee wee, but I'm pretty sure he was saying wheel, as we do not actually use that euphemism). Today I caught him sneaking chocolates, so I think he's had a pretty successful Christmas.

No shortage of rolls here.

Abraham was able to show Joash how to get the most out of his toys. Everyone needs a mentor.

Grandma Jean wanted to make sugar cookies with the boys. Joash had his shapes all ready.

Abraham had good technique.

Dan came by to help with sprinkles. Joash is no stranger to sprinkling. He's always shaking the salt on our popcorn.

I wasn't even going to post any of these, but Google+ turned them into a gif for me all by itself. Maybe I don't hate Google+ after all.

Abraham got some awesome presents, including a radio controlled rattle snake from Animal Planet. Uncle Ben helped Joash take a turn.

Fourth time blowing out birthday candles.

On our way home from delivering Bob Evans' turkey dinner to Grandpa Wayne, Joash took a Christmas Eve evening nap.

That was while we were waiting for Dan to get our New China dinner, which we ate while watching "A Christmas Story." Some traditions just fall so effortlessly into place.

Breakfast on his face while opening presents, which he did slowly and meticulously.

We got him his first bike, which he loves to walk from room to room while expressing his desire to run.

Left: December 25, 2011, Joash
Right: December 25, 2013, Amielle

Christmas cuddles with Aunt Nancy, wearing her brother's hat and her first little tutu.

Grandma Jean got him, among other delights, a take-apart truck. It's held together with plastic bolts that are loosened and tightened with a toy electric screw driver. All the kids wanted a turn. Joash was excited that Maggie and Annie were so interested in his cool stuff.

And here was their post-Christmas wipe-out nap.

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