Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ohio Again

We've been back in Ohio for a couple of weeks, and we've seen a wonderfully festive amount of snow. We went out earlier this week to see the lights at the zoo with Ben, Abraham, and Annie.

This is from our previous trip to Ohio when we met up with our fellow expat friends and their kids. Our family, including grumpy Joash, along with Leigha and her daughter Grace. I thought it was such a nice picture of our family, so I appropriated it from her Facebook.

Also stolen from Facebook. Grandma Jean picked us up from the airport, and Ammi gave her her serious face.

We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and Dan really wanted to get Joash some stick candy. This is the result of that.

We forced Joash out to play in the snow during our first snow day. This included snow pants and lots of socks and mittens and a big jacket, and he became a malcontent. We have since won him over on snow by showing him how great it is for stomping.

This little baby had no complaints.

Our first stop at the zoo was the reptile house. Abraham showed his dad all the good stuff.

And then he Abraham showed Joash, Jean, and Annie all the good stuff.

We survived the Candy Cane Forest.

Boys and bugs.

Dan and his boy and his mom.

Lots of photo ops in the insect house. Jean took this one of me and Ammi girl.

I was so proud of Joash. He was braver than I've seen him and touched both this Australian Walking Stick and later a snake. A month ago he wouldn't even pet a baby goat.

The difference between 2 and 4.

We found some manatees for Joash because all he asked for on the way to the zoo was to see some fish.

Abraham touched the snake, no qualms. He was a good influence on Joash.

It was nice to huddle in the warm animal huts, but we did brave the cold every now and then.

These boys seem happy enough about it.

Grandma took the boys on the train while Ammi and I warmed up in the cafe. Joah's face belies his enthusiasm for trains and his ultimate enjoyment of the ride.

Here's my little girl holding her fingers in her mouth.

Here's my little girl having too much balance for such a baby. She's leaning over to see the toy and not even falling on her face.

Jolly yawn.

Sometimes we lounge under the caribou.

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