Sunday, December 15, 2013

Florida Again

Well, I just have a bunch of pictures and not a lot of time to talk about them. When things get more normal, things will get more normal here. We're going to look for houses in Indiana tomorrow. That's a start. We were in Florida for Thanksgiving, and right now we're back in Ohio for Christmas. Since my last post, my older baby has learned how to say things for laughs and how to assemble train tracks. My younger baby just started laughing and she's become fairly adept at holding up her upper half. Things just keep moving forward.

Reunited for the day that Dan was home in between worldwide jaunts.
Joash has become an attention hog, and he will go anywhere someone's giving some. Usually that means wedging in on laps that are holding his sister.

This is my daddy, and he likes my little baby, and that makes me very happy.

Scaredy face.

Joash wanted to share all the stuffed animals with Ammi. She did not mind.
They were having a conversation. It apparently resulted in surprise.
These buddies went to the driveway beach where they rolled cars through this fine, white, Florida sand. And sometimes they spotted airplanes in the sky.

Man chores on Thanksgiving.

The weather made this possible. We kept the windows open to let the cool air in and had a s'mores and hot dogs fire.

Her floor routine.

His floor routine.

My mom and I made an excess of food for the five adults at our Thanksgiving meal. Here she is aerating the dressing.


Pre-meal stretches.

I don't know if we can blame this on the turkey, but it's always nice when the babies go down hard.

Joash wanted to sit in this chair and take a picture with his sister. Since this picture, she holds that head up so high, she's got only one chin most of the time.

Story time with Grandpa this night.

Cuddles with Grandma.

Another cross-generational conversation.

I took the first picture to make a note of that chunky, chunky thigh.

Stretching her neck.

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