Monday, December 23, 2013

Baby Comparables

When Joash was born and I started making his baby book, I joked that it was like a case study. Now that Ammi was born on the same day, I find it even more so. They are eminently comparable, so I have started matching up pictures from their exact ages. I call them Baby Comparables. Here are the catch ups.

Left: August 7, 2011, Joash
Right: August 7, 2013, Amielle

Left: August, 2011, Joash
Right: August, 2013, Amielle

Left: September, 2011, Joash
Right: September, 2013, Amielle

Left: October, 2011, Joash
Right: October, 2013, Amielle

Left: October 31, 2011, Joash
Right: October 31, 2013, Amielle

Left: November, 2011, Joash
Right: November, 2013, Amielle

Left: December, 2011, Joash
Right: December, 2013, Amielle

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