Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Upon Grandma's Advice

My mom is trying to break my heart even faster. After watching Joah squirm around on his belly via Skype, she suggested that he might be ready to start scooting and I should put him on the floor. Boo, mom. So, anyway, when he had been alive for exactly 3 months, we did just that. And, ha! He can't scoot yet, but he sure seems to want to, and he almost flipped himself over onto his back, and, in between high energy motherly encouragement, I wept.

Look how old this person is.

We actually tried this twice yesterday, but he liked it much more the time that Dan was home.

In motion.

Exceptionally curious human.

Dan started him on chapter books last night. He has high lingual ambitions for our firstborn.

Joash was surprisingly attentive. And then we messed up his nighttime routine by taking him on a walk to the bank before feeding him. It whittled his 5 hours down to 3. But, listen, I have a coffee treat twice a week - once on a weekend day, once on a weekday. Every single night before coffee day is a bad night for sleep. I didn't realize caffeine was retroactive. Also, something of note: on Sunday I had a sorbet with (calm down! a very small amount of) alcohol in it, and he took his longest nap in a long time. Um, obviously I need to buy myself a pint for a regular evening snack, am I right?!

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