Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Infant

This is the last we'll ever see of Joah as a newborn. He's already an infant - a grabby, laughy, grubby (seriously, what's up with dirty baby palms?) little infant. We have diagnosed him as highly distractible, which often makes him incredibly difficult to feed. He won't finish until he's gotten all his chats in, and he's likely to pop off to stare at Dan after not seeing him all day. He likes to twist us up all across the bed, during which I fail to remain as calm as I should. It's pretty much the opposite of fun. Eating is his main disorder, though, and he's otherwise so well-tempered and sweet.

Here he is during one of his frequent breaks expressing his great dislike of cows and/or mooing sounds.

Infants start playing with bigger and noisier toys. This was his introductory encounter with one. He was bored at first, and then it broke his brain.

Hanging out with Auntie Korrine and being so much bigger than last time.

The end of my tiny boy.

Bulking up, but just as squirmy as ever.

On Wednesday we went to On the Border for Korrine's birthday. Jessica took a bunch of pictures, and I stole some from her Facebook. I am wearing boots I got for free on account of my big(ger than average Korean sized) feet.


Queuing up to add money to their subway cards.

We passed the baby around. Birthday present! I don't think he's used to being (camera) flashed.

Menu perusal.

Rachel holding a ridiculous looking baby.

My face.

Our faces.

Jeff and the hungry boy.

Yep, so that's our lives.

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