Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On a Quest for Pants

I've mentioned our search for pants for our son. He's got plenty of onesies and several sleeping options but not very many pants. With the latest weekend ushering in the winter, his need for pants has become very real. For whatever reason, Dan and I have failed to find cheap and normal looking pants for an infant. I can walk down the street and buy for myself a $7 pair of pants and endless varieties of dollar socks, but infant clothes are either nowhere or exorbitantly priced (we saw a name brand shirt with a bow tie on it for $100+). We tried the Western fashion stores in Myeongdong. We've looked at various department stores. We even, this weekend, went back to Jamsil where we'd previously found his monster pants. We bought two pairs, one of which was this fascinatingly ridiculous sweatpants approximation of cowboy jeans:

I posted this on Facebook, and it prompted friends to offer to ship over hand-me-downs. I wasn't trying to act destitute or anything. I am not above charity, though. I'm not that kind of girl. Already Sally has come over and solved his immediate need for pants. So, fret not, good people of Facebook.

Want to have a funny conversation? Talk to my mom about Facebook. She doesn't have one, and she is definitively not a computer person.

Well, so anyway, on our way to Jamsil, we stopped at D-Cube City (a mall) to eat Japanese ramen at Mist, upon the suggestion on SeoulEats.com. Japanese ramen is my favorite food discovered in Korea (we probably would have discovered it in Japan, but we had a cash and credit card problem there that necessitated frequent trips to Starbucks; the toilets have heated seats, but they can't be bothered with credit card machines). It's soy saucy and with the tenderest, yummiest sliced pork and a soft boiled egg. So good. So good.

D-Cube City is the fanciest mall we've yet been to. There are glitter walls everywhere, even on convenience store facades. And there was lots of good food, so we will probably go back.

Joash staring into a D-Cube glitter wall. We front-faced him in the Baby Bjorn, and it was our curious son's gladdest half hour. And it set off our superhero hearing as we noticed exclamations of "너무 예쁘다" (so beautiful!) from all the four corners of the earth.

He recently added purposeful grabbing to his skill set.

He is also such a major wrist sucker. Or, as we've coined chubby baby wrists that meld into arms: wrarms (like cankles, of course).


Dan's length really affords Joah the room to explore.

We had to bundle him into a panda for his first winter walk. This is my documentation of Dan's documentation.

As seen here.

Turning pages of a Japanese/Korean book.

Sitting in some of his gifted lounge wear.

Lounging in it.

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