Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Weekday Lunch

Dan and I don't usually get to eat lunch together, but he's been on vacation, so we've gone out for a couple of lunchtime deals. We went to Otsal Indian restaurant after our doctor visit last week. I discovered my affinity for Dahl Fry (the food kind, not the writing kind). Since then, we've had our final scheduled doctor visit. The idea is that the baby will come before another checkup. I don't anticipate that happening, though, because everything feels the same it has for the last several months. I do have a sprained left ankle that won't heal. Is that one of the signs of labor?

We perused the Appertizers and settled on pakodas.

This is Dan watching and reacting to the Indian music videos playing on constant rotation. We are always fascinated by the dichotomy of modest behavior (no kissing!) coupled with immodest dress (no clothes!).

I liked the Otsal elephant. And they had two huge pillar candles melting on the checkout counter.

Dan got this huge piece of Naan. It was bigger than his head. That is no small piece of Naan. Have you noticed how they keep calling it "Naan bread" on TV shows these days? That's weird.

We went to a little cafe called Muffinio.

It was there that we ate patbingsu, which is shaved ice with red beans and sweet rice cakes. I know that sounds gross to you Americans, but you should be more adventurous with your food choices. See how happy it's made the spoon! It truly is quite tasty and refreshing. Plus, beans are good for your heart.

This is the color of Fruit Loops in Korea. Though they are called Fruit Rings here, they are still Kellogg's brand, and look how grown up they seem in their muted color palette. I don't know if this box was a fluke or if they are always this color. No matter, they still taste like Fruit Loops.

This is what I look like completely pregnant, veiny pregnant hands and all. I will miss those. They are so sciencey.

All in all, I've had a fine time being pregnant. On cool weather days, I feel like I could be pregnant forever, no problem. On hot weather days, I feel like I will surely die. On rainy days, I sometimes fall on my butt down wet stairs and the old men laugh at me. But then I think they realize I am pregnant and they feel bad. Or at least they should.



  1. Man, my hands are always that veiny. They may be out of control when my day comes. Gross to think about.

    Anyway, I just now saw this post on google reader but saw yesterday you had your little one. Congratulations :)

  2. Everything gets out of control. Haha.

    Thanks for the congratulations. Babies are completely mind-blowing.