Monday, August 22, 2011

Newborn for Posterity

Here lie the spoils of having stripped our kid naked and put cute knitwear on him. He has been having a furious growth spurt for the last four days. As in, feeding for 8 hour blocks of time. He's a slow eater, and he keeps eating himself hungry again, and I lay around like an invalid with very special needs. It seems to be subsiding, though. Just in time to go get his passport. Hopefully. Be merciful, American government.

Papoosed and posey.

Blowing spit bubbles like babies do. I used to hate everything about spit bubbles. Even the name is pretty sick. But my baby's spit bubbles are cute.

He's an exceptionally gassy baby, so we get to see this little smile a lot.

Pink profile.

The guys. I think his growth spurt has all but done away with his former ribbiness.

Monkey plank.

This is a position in my post-natal yoga. I should have him do it with me.

There was a brief respite for receiving visitors. Johnny, June, and June's friend Jae Jun came to see him.

A quick nap to fortify strength.

And then back to the grind. This time with the whole family and with his dignity restored via diaper.

He already knows when to turn to a camera.

Checking out the baby.

Dad and babe.

Minding his own business.

Hooray for the little (here somewhat cross-eyed) kid.

There is a picture of my brother's hand and my hand on my father's. I wanted that for my own family, too.

He's pretty awesome.

The accidental pictures are always the best ones.

Friend photos with my friend.

You really do just want to look at them all day. I posted the second picture to show my parents that he is always flailing those arms of his.

A family of feet.

Uh-oh, somebody's a panda bear!

And he loves it.

All of the day's over-stimulation necessitated sleeping aid that night. Dan's pretty much a pro at the shush/pat by now.


Naked face plant.

So many cry faces.

Soothing touch from giant Dan hands.

First leg-kicking tantrum.

Resigned. Get used to it, kid, because that is the direction this train is heading.

Waiting around for a set up. Smaller than one of Dan's feet.

Baby in motion.

And one last group of pictures from our friend Luke who came all the way from America to see our baby...and to go live in China for a while. Thanks, Luke!

Sleeping in the light that almost never touches his vampire skin, as I usually leave it off when we are home alone.

Well, isn't that an unusual face, Dan.

See what the mosquitoes did to my baby's perfect baby face? Happily, the bites are gone by now. And we squash wayward mosquitoes with a new and unbridled parental fury.


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