Sunday, August 14, 2011

Having a Thing for Baby Feet

So far, we've had our first all night cry (baby hates red pepper paste) and our first diaper blowout, followed immediately by our first bath in the kitchen sink. I'd say things are progressing quite nicely.

Dan said, "You should take some pictures. He won't look like this forever." And I took pictures of his feet. But they really won't look like this forever. Feet can get pretty gnarly.

Gnawing on Dan's hand. Sometimes he gets confused.

First wound, but he was all NBD. And I like his foxy band-aid. Foxes are such an underused animal in children's decor. Are they baby snatchers in folklore or something? Like coyotes and dingos.

Baby cheeks!

REM feet.

Getting started with his bath. Look who got his belly button.

This is the only reason to bathe a baby, right? Cute towel pictures.

Dan being tall. Joash being small.

We're about to get him naked and take some of them fancy newborn pictures. We don't have many props, so we're brainstorming good and kitschy ideas.


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