Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Korean Baby Shower

So, now we've showered our baby from the disparate corners of the earth. We had our American baby shower when we were home in America in March, when he was barely even exerting much of a physical presence. And over the weekend we had our Korean baby shower now that he is technically full-term. One of Dan's co-teachers and friends, Teresa, threw a very sweet, very classy baby shower for us and another teacher from the school who is also due in August. We had a private room at Thai Orchid, and we played a word scramble game, some trivia games, the taboo word game (in this instance: Never say baby!) that Bonnie always tries really hard to win, a belly girth guessing game, and one game that involved frantic left and right passing of gifts. There was a variation on the dirty diaper game, but it was more like drawing straws than guessing poop ingredients. The best part was that, for our Korean friends, it was a first time baby shower experience. America, represent.

We got two diaper cakes. This is the first. When paired with the other gifted packs, we now have enough newborn diapers to cover a village of newborns.

We really, really, really love Thai food.

Teresa made these little booties out of paper cups.

The shower was conveniently scheduled right after our Saturday afternoon church gathering, so we brought all the ladies with us. This is Soyeon.

Several people ordered this pineapple salad. I was made jealous by its fanciness.

Dan was a good documenter and got up and took pictures of everyone, while I sat being pregnant and opening presents. This is Sally with Soyeon. Photo by Dan.

Dan's friend Nara from Language Cast came and brought us our second diaper cake. She had looked up typical baby shower gifts and decided to make one. Photos by Dan.

A picture from home. Impostor Snoopy and finger puppets.

Sophia and her husband Forest. She is due two weeks after I am and will hopefully be able to take advantage of any leftover newborn diapers once our baby gets too big for those britches. Photo by Dan.

Korrine and Jessica. Photos by Dan.

Me and Korrine and our faces that match well enough to fool the entrance turnstile guards at Lotte World. Photo by Dan.

June and Doohee from church. Photo by Dan.

Opening presents. Photos by Dan.

Laughing. Photo by Dan.

Jini, Sally, and Soyeon. Photo by Dan.

This was Korrine's gift to them: a hooded towel. I love a gift that demands immediate application. Photos by Dan.

Somehow, amid this non-baby showering culture (they celebrate big for the first birthday instead), June managed to find these perfectly baby shower themed bubble flip flops and had me borrow them for the evening. There are all kinds of bubble flip flops in Korea, I kid you not. Photo by Dan.

Us with our church friends. Photo from Sally.

I got really excited over green tea scented baby wipes. Where else could you find such a thing? (Unless they have them in America?) Photo by Sally.

Almost parents. Photo by Sally.

Almost parents standing. Photo by June.

Full sized baby all up in that uterus. Photo by June.


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