Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We met our first bully. His bully's refrain: 여기 올라 안데요! (Do not climb up here!). And he says it to my sweet boy whose only offense is being young and a little bit timid and a little bit in the way. Joash takes it in stride, though, and gets back at him by fearfully screaming in his face whenever he comes too close. And I managed the situation by avoiding that particular playground whenever I notice him there, which seems to be always when we want to be there all day all the time.

But we met a friend! A mom friend in Anyang. We were on our way home from the far playground where no one ever plays but Joash, and we ran into a mother of twins. I noticed her baby girl had blonde hair, and I knew that meant she knew English (American husband). And we chatted for a while and exchanged phone numbers. Isn't that just something? I never dated anyone, so I don't know how long to go before calling. Maybe next week?

Sleepy face will always get me. Babies are the best after naps, but then, so are moms.

Checking out the spoils of Mongolia. Please notice his fantastic boots.

Dan was working off his travel weariness, and his sleepiness was contagious. We all took lots of naps all weekend.

Babies just like being naked, or halfway so.

Dan brought me fantastic yarn spun from camels, and I have been untangling it and balling it up. How amazing is it that I have yarn from Mongolia, exported in person by my person? I think pretty amazing.

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