Saturday, October 6, 2012

The drunk roofies returned, this time at a 2AM, the girl's shout-talking fused into a dream I was coincidentally having about a loud girl screaming, and I opened the window screen, stuck my head out and yelled, "SHUT UP!" It echoed quite satisfyingly off the surrounding valley of apartment buildings. And then they collected their bottles and stumbled through the hallway and made their way somewhere that is not directly adjacent to my open window because the apartment complex deactivated our air conditioning like this is 1984. The book, not the year. I have not read it, but I bet dystopian novels are full of details about apartment complexes deactivating air conditioners based on the time of year, not based on the weather. But now I have to go to bed in case it happens again.


  1. I feel almost bad that this made me laugh, because I am well aware of the annoyance of loud, drunk neighbors. I also think that you should write a book, because you are good at writing and it would make the every day seem hilarious, and who doesn't want that?

  2. The only way to cope with obnoxious drunkenness is to laugh, really. And thanks for your kind words! Unfortunately, I am such a lazy hobby haver, too lazy to write more than an essay or two. I suppose I could write a book of essays.