Friday, October 5, 2012

So, Dan's been gone 5 days, today will be 6, and Joash has been up an hour early for each of them. We jigger the bedtime this way and that. We do soothing wind down routines. We camp out by cribs exhorting sleep. None of it elicits later wake ups. This morning we switched boobs for bananas, as he is a very dedicated breastfeeder. We'll see if he decides how lame it is to wake up early for bananas instead of snuggly, cuddly breast milk. He has already done the unusual thing of falling back to sleep at only 7 AM. Usually he is up for his day like gangbusters.

Meanwhile, I reserve the right to declare any day beginning before 5:30 AM a coffee day.

The earlier the day, the more opportunities to rappel off the bed with various electrical cords.

He is very interested in the camera part of photography. And putting his lips on it.

After a haircut.

I nap him next to me now. He sleeps for twice as long. Riddle me that, all y'all haters.

He had his first spatula share.

It was hummus and right before church. And then I changed all his clothes.

Packing for our stay-cation.

His love of birds, real and fictional, rivals my distaste for them. Just the other/every day, we chased several pigeons down the stroller path. And we found a whistling bird in a tree. That was his favorite. We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago with our new friends Greg and Karmen (friends in Anyang!), and so many animals were unusually active. The lions were grumbling at each other. Seals were splashing tricks. But Joash loved all the birds pecking around by the trash cans.


  1. Everyday is a coffee day for me! For real, your kid is awesome :)

  2. I would make every day coffee day but I'm not a drug addict. Just kidding, Bonnie! I find I am a much nicer mom with a little coffee in me.