Monday, October 22, 2012

Joash and I are in Dan's hotel room in Busan, right on Haeundae Beach, waiting for Dan to come home from setting up for his training. Twilight is the only English thing on TV, so we are watching it for familiar company. Joash is making varied use of the hotel room as obstacle course after we moved one mattress from platform to floor for him to sleep on. So there are three bed structures pushed up against each other like stair steps, and he likes climbing from one to the next. He has already scoped out the safe with its beeping blue numbers, the bathroom with its cloth slipper set, the lamp with its noisy shade. He just found the pull cord for the lamp and, while extinguishing its light, looked up at me in amazement. I've already hidden two remote controls. He's in a really bad mood today, probably on account of the two bottom molars pushing up hard inside his gums. Poor him, poor me, poor us. He likes to teethe while traveling.

If you need a pajama, they have them in a cabinet in the lobby.

Ooh, Twilight has progressed to my favorite scene. "I know what you are--vampire!" It is as terrible as it is nothing else because it is only terrible. Henceforth, the word twilight can only ever be used in humorous or pretentious literature to describe evening, as it has been so sullied by this book and film franchise that no one can take the word seriously again.

Oh, the things we are about to lose forever in this hotel room.

Here he is rejecting his bedtime story several nights ago. It is the thing he does with most dedicated consistency.

His stalwart papa keeps trying, though, even as we sense the babe openly mocking us.

I just realized I have no way to get the peanut butter and jelly onto the bread for his makeshift dinner. Well, fingers, I guess.

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