Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sometimes I Knit

It is likely that everyone reading this blog, aside from people here accidentally, knows that I knit things, but for whatever reason, I don't usually post any of it, except for on Facebook. At first, they had nothing to do with Korea or with weekend activities, but now this is just a baby blog anyway, and I actually knit a lot of baby things. So, maybe I will make my way back through the baby sweaters, socks, and hats and post them or maybe I'll just move forward from now. I knit Joash a soft and squishy cable sweater, and I am hoping it will propel summer into fall, if only by the power of suggestion.

This is the Arensburg Aran sweater from tiigerliilia kasvulava, found, of course, on Ravelry. It is very blue in these pictures, and I was going to fix that, but then I didn't.
Criss-cross cables flanked by 2x2 twists.

Invisible bind-off to match the tubular cast-on. Tubular cast-on is my favorite way to cast-on, and I feel like I learned it relatively late into my knitting career. It looks so machine-knit (or maybe Nintendoed?), and I actually like the somewhat tedious rhythm it provides. I spent at least an hour just now casting on for a cabled sweater for myself. I don't have a job, so this is how I feign productivity.
These are the fanciest cables I've worked so far.
Shawl collar.

And now on its human hanger. All he wanted to do was chew it off. I will blame it on the molars he's teething.

The only way to make him still enough to photograph was to supply him with props.

But even that was short-lived. He's not ready to be a model and have to wear off-season clothes.

Somehow we arrived at the briefest moment of compliance as he grabbed for the camera and climbed down off the couch.

And here are some non-knitting things, like the boys playing Sunday songs on the guitar.

We keep having the most amazing sunsets. Maybe because we've been having storms?

This was the night before Typhoon Bolaven, who spared those of us in Anyang quite considerately.

And here's a bit of a moon.

Meanwhile, if anyone needs it to rain for any reason, just ask me to wash diapers. I haven't had sun for diapers in weeks! Additionally, I beat Dan at beating the newest Mario. I am very good at Mario, you guys.

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  1. I am always amazed at your knitability! And it's SUPER cute on the baby hanger :)

    I've also always heard that storms bring great sunsets...I've never questioned it before. Seems odd now that I think about it.