Monday, September 10, 2012

Guess what we did from nine to noon? My baby slept! And I watched him! (Along with sundry episodes of B-List celebreality shows. If you are a random and/or questionably a celebrity, I will watch your reality show.) Before any mothers of sleepless children get discouraged by this three hour nap, take heart, it has never happened before, and I think it was directly related to yesterday's activities, which included accidentally auditioning for Korea's Got (Foreign) Talent. We spent the entire day crowded in two tiny adjacent rooms at KBS Studios.

I say that we accidentally auditioned because we thought we were just auditioning for a talent show like the Lotte World Talent Show with Foreign Friends, which we ridiculously won 2 years ago. We figured it would be similar enough and that we'd at least get some participation prizes. But, it was both more and less legitimate than that contest. More legitimate as there was an audition process with separate rounds and not just a sign up sheet. More legitimate as it would result in a live and then televised concert. Somewhat less legitimate because they admitted up front that they wanted fun people, not just good singers. There was lots of dancing and karaoke to Gangnam Style. Meanwhile, Dan played guitar and I sang this song by a Korean folk singer from the 90s. We were obviously out of place, and, depending on the situation, my personality ranges from moderate to crippling introversion. That's pretty much the opposite of fun. It is unfortunate that we didn't win any gift cards, less unfortunate that we don't have to do the concert. We met good people (including a Korean American friend of one of the performers who was unceremoniously roped into translating the entire event even though she had no professional affiliation with KBS, a 14 year old Korean Kiwi who showered Joash and us with polite attention, and a French girl with a Korean major), learned how to occupy a 13 month old for 7 hours in 3 square feet of wiggling space, and ate Pad Thai for lunch. I look forward to seeing if Joash makes it on TV.

We ended the night with late night (I mean, 9:30 is late for dinner, right?) takeout bulgogi and dwenjang jiggae, which, for whatever reason, the restaurant thought we'd want to cook ourselves, but isn't that just the way after a long day? Fresh food is better than immediate food, I guess.

This is obviously unrelated, but I guess it would feature on Joah's reality show. He helps sort laundry.

And then he helps hang it up.

Later he provides me with extra chores by pulling out percussive kitchen wares. I don't mind, though, because I am so excited about him acting like such a kid.

Freestyle crawling over to me.

So he could make this face. Somehow he learned to make a fake smile. He crinkles up his eyes and throws his mouth open when he thinks he's done something funny. And he has. And my laughter sets off a cyclical chain of events that keeps both of us laughing for at least several minutes at a time. It's perfect. I am only today beginning to think he is mimicking the face I make when I brace for him to accidentally hit me with something or kiss/bite me.

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