Sunday, September 23, 2012

A week ago we accidentally typhooned our toddler. After working through the weekend, Dan decided to take the Monday off, just as typhoon Sanba decided to take the Monday on. We usually do our weekly grocery shopping on Sunday, but it is never ideal after a long, full day in Sinchon, complete with two 1.5 hour commutes. We figured we'd go Monday after lunch at Taco Bell. But, of course, the typhoon.

So it was pouring the whole day. Maybe you saw the picture of our baby wrapped in a yellow trash bag, marketed as a poncho? We wrapped him last Monday, but the wind was such that its efficacy was severely compromised. So I picked him up, juggling an umbrella, and we all trudged through the storm. We made it to Home Plus, took a brief nap in the attached Baskin Robbins dining area and enjoyed the dry respite, but it was soon enough time to get back home. We made it just past the parking lot when a tunnel of wind whipped our umbrellas above our heads and more or less left us drenched. So, rather than break our umbrellas for one twenty minute walk in a rain storm, we put them away and used our strength of character to brave the weather. Joash seemed to know how important it was for him to comply, and I clutched him, tight as I could, on the whole haul home. It was then that we realized that if it had been called hurricane Sanba, we wouldn't have gone out at all. Funny how language affects your life choices.

We spend as much morning time as he lets us all hanging out on the bed. He goes through various phases with the curtains, and, in general, things behind him. He likes to happily thud his head against windows, and other times he lets out little howls of disapproval.

Since night-weaning on the day he turned 13 months old, he's gone from being up for the day after 7 to being up for the day around 5:30. Remind me again why I wanted him night-weaned? Well, anyway, that leads to early and longer naps, at least. (Well, sometimes. Sometimes he sleeps for 10 total hours at night and only an hour the next day.)

He is a pretty cute napper.

When a baby gets quiet, that's when you know it's time to check in on him. When I checked in on him yesterday, I found him like this. And so pleased about it. This will never not be worth it.

You might have noticed that there are two rows of pictures under the blog header now. The top row are my instagrams. The bottom row are Dan's.

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