Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Midnight Activity

Dan and I played our last pre-baby show at Soul Underground last Friday. Once we got home, we celebrated the unusually cool and dry weather by walking down to the river after midnight. The river is now just minutes from our house. Walking is good for you. And late night activities prove how cool and free from responsibility we are. Homebound responsibility is imminent.

I finally got a tiny loaf pan, so my bread can come in tiny loaf shapes instead of blobs. Much easier to slice for sandwiches.

On the way to the river.

We passed a coffee vendor.

Once we got to the river, which requires an incline and those annoying short stairs, I needed to sit down. So we sat on a bench and watched these guys do some fishing in the pitch dark. I think the guy on the left was training the guy on the right. Who knows what they're catching in the Han River, though?

This guy was working by himself, manning something like 8 poles.

The metro bridge.

Yesterday we sacrificed our last cup of ketchup to boil down an American style barbecue sauce so we could eat some summer food. Since we completely ignored our country's independence last year (holidays are hard to remember when no one else is celebrating), we coupled our sauced chicken with sweet tea and potato salad and called it macaroni. So to speak.


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