Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Recording Pregnancy

We're having a baby. We've been having one for quite some time now. Soon we will finish having the baby and just have him. Right now he is fist pumping. I think that means he likes chocolate cake balls.

When we were at Lake Park a couple of weeks ago, we took some pictures to record the preliminary having part.

For the first set, we were under our willow tree.

It was much harder after we'd left the willow tree to find another good, semi-private picture place. The rest were taken at the back of a bush in a field full of people.

This was an outtake, but I thought it had good belly action.

So, that's about 8 months of growing progress. We might try for some more pictures in a month, but my mobility is inversely proportional to the temperature of the heat rising from all the asphalt surrounding us, so we'll have to find a good air conditioned retreat.


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