Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Apartment House.

We moved. It's awesome. What's there to say really about an apartment, right? So I have some pictures.

This is one side of our living/bedroom. This is the living room side. My daily activity is happening there on the couch, which we had never before been able to piece together (it's two halves that used to recline in two different rooms).

This is on our little baby wall. He is a green sprout, isn't he?

The bedroom side. This room truly is inordinately large. It's probably the largest residential room we've been in in this country. On the right wall is our air conditioner. They hammered nails into a cement wall and cut holes in two windows to install it. That's just how it works here.

Our kitchen with a table and chairs! What a friend to cooking and food preparation this table space is. That's my lunch happening there on the the table, complete with the watermelon slices Dan brings me sometimes because he is the good kind of husband.

This is our closet room with our pink clothes dryer on the floor (it's a tiny fan, you guys).

I didn't realize until writing this up that I forgot to take pictures of the bathroom. Should I take a picture and then edit this post or should I just call a bathroom a bathroom and let it go? Probably the second one. It has no sink. That is its only unique feature. That, and I can spy on the two cafes across the street from its window. I like that part a lot.

So, we are very glad about our apartment. It's basically on street level. It's five seconds from Dan's school and only minutes from the subway. There is a sushi restaurant on our street, and, once I am freed from the American's pregnancy fear of listeria in raw fish, I will be eating some of that salmon and tuna, yes I will.


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