Monday, July 11, 2011

Explosives for the Fourth of July

This year, we even almost celebrated the Fourth of July. We had our American meal the Wednesday before, and Dan bought sparklers that we lit on this hemisphere's observation of the day. It was a little awkward because we were in the small shared outdoor concrete space for our building, wearing pajamas and lighting fires right in front of our basement neighbor's open window (behind which she was sat watching tv). But we soldiered on in the name of liberty.

Dan readying the flame.

First sparks.

We drew some letters. Dan kept drawing his J backwards, so I flipped the photo for him.

I kept making an 8-shaped S.

So I switched to a heart and experienced more success.

We'll just pretend this is booming in the sky over a body of water somewhere.

To continue celebrating summer (which is difficult because summer sucks so bad), we are having S'more Pie tonight. Yum. This is how I deal with the constant water drinking and vegetable eating that pregnancy requires. Talk about a bully!


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