Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend 39 of 52.

Inwang Mountain (Inwangsan)

I am no great hiker. Even more am I no great mountain climber. Lo, Dan likes to do these things, and we got an email from another Dan at Justice for North Korea to go with a group of North Korean refugees, some South Koreans, and some foreigners to climb up Inwangsan. I had already promised my Dan that I would hike with him this weekend, so it was all very serendipitous.

So we huffed and we puffed our way up a mountain, and, yes, you will see that there are stairs carved out of rock, but that's still some serious solid inclining. We went out for barbecue after the altitudinal adventure, and we met the runner of this blog and chatted about the runner of this blog, both of which I read on the regular, and it was like there was no such thing as the fourth wall.

I'm not trying to pooh-pooh any parties, but this view from halfway up the mountain was more impressive to me than the view from its summit.

Dan in front of a heavily barbed fenced-in area.

Rock faces with faces and with trees.

Old steps.

There was a consistent whirring of cold wind.

Guard rail above the city.

Follow the path marked white. Make hiking faces.

Some leftover berries.

We got hot, and then we got cold again.

Taking in the view for a few minutes.

Another mountain.

At the very top. Doing a conquering pose.

A great Korean wall.

Snow on the ground. And Dan said it was snowing earlier tonight. Well, come on, then.

Our group.

Some moss on the descent.

Probably the last of the red-leaved trees I'll post this season.

Pine roof.

We met here briefly.

And then we got real short and fat, despite all of our aerobic exertion.

Gingko nuts on the ground. Usually there are ajummas fighting to gather them in black bags. I just like them because they smell like parmesan, and I can't eat cheese.


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